Spectacular watercolor paintings: lighthouses, fishing boats, seascapes!

Mary Anne Wehrend is a well known and recognized plein air watercolorist from Cincinnati, Ohio.  Traveling extensively throughout the United States, her paintings are begun on location capturing the natural light and atmospheric conditions of the subject.  Each painting is an original work of art painted on d'Arches 300 pound rough archival watercolor paper. 


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Red River Gorge Country
Capt. Aaron Reflected
Tarpon Springs, FL

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Chatham Harbor Skiffs

Artist's philosophy:  "The primary source of my art form is uniquely close to the natural setting or subject, composed by a juggling of the raw materials.  Choosing to interpret the character  and flavor of the scene, strong honest realism and deep emotional content merge, bu are not romanticized.  Each watercolor becomes a portrait, and interpretation of authenticity in representation of externals and characterization."